SilkSkin Moisturizing Emollient (1.5 oz)

SilkSkin Moisturizing Emollient helps your skin recapture and maintain its youthful qualities.


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The best way to keep your complexion young and beautiful looking is to defeat wrinkles before they appear.


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SilkSkin Ultra Skin Smoother

If you only use ONE anti-aging product, this is it! SilkSkin Ultra Skin Smoother has the power to transform your skin with four distinct active groups.


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DuoMasque® reaches deep into your pores to extract impurities and excess oil, tightens pores and lifts away dead skin cells. Ideal for problem teenage skin and adult acne.


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SilkSkin DUO Facial Polish

SilkSkin DUO Facial Polish works under the same principle of microdermabrasion that your dermatologist offers. It literally polishes the top layer of your skin, removing dead skin cells and accelerating the formation of new, younger looking skin.


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Regenacel smooths fine lines, helps heal sun damage, exfoliates and uncovers a soft, line free complexion hiding just beneath the surface.


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Serum 15

Comprised of a 15% glycolic acid solution, Serum 15 has TWICE the exfoliating power of most alpha hydroxy acid creams, the strongest concentration you can get without a prescription!


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Ceramide Plus

Ceramide Plus returns crucial ceramides to the skin that you lose in the normal aging process. It helps to fortify the skin's inner structure, making it easier for your skin to retain moisture.


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