Skin Care Systems

SilkSkin Kit

The regular SilkSkin System is the original trio that became a sensation on the soundstages of Hollywood. The formulas have been enhanced with homeopathic skin onditioners, notably BioHexol™, but these core SilkSkin products remain the foundation of my skin care philosophy.

SilkSkin Ultra

SilkSkin Ultra is now available in an enhanced antioxidant formula; an advanced, super-charged version Bob's SilkSkin Three Minute Beauty System.

SilkSkin DUO

  • maximal skin hydration
  • fewer breakouts
  • clear, clog free pores
  • recovery from sun damage
  • protection against UV and free radical assaults
  • surface translucence
  • smooth, line free complexion
  • taut, firm, resilient skin