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SilkSkin KIT - Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizing Emollient

SilkSkin® A B C's

The regular SilkSkin System is the original trio that became a sensation on the soundstages of Hollywood. The formulas have been enhanced with homeopathic skin conditioners, notably BioHexol™, but these core SilkSkin products remain the foundation of my skin care philosophy.

Regular SilkSkin is sufficient for most women. If your skin has special needs — if it is dry, sun damaged, delicate or showing signs of premature aging, look at SilkSkin Ultra™.

If you want it all (cleansing, toning, moisturizing, sun protection, anti-aging protection) streamlined, multiple use SilkSkin DUO™ products may be the choice for you!

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SilkSkin® Cleanser - Conditioning Cleanser

SilkSkin® Cleanser's non-drying glycerin base removes makeup and deep cleans without harsh detergents that can dry your skin. Plus, with added Vitamin E, it delivers an important antioxidant to help fight off free radicals. Particularly recommended for women who use foundation and other heavy makeup.

SilkSkin® Toner - Restore perfect balance

Comprised of the purest distilled Witch Hazel and soothing toning ingredients, SilkSkin® Toner is alcohol-free and a vital step in total skin conditioning! Its natural ingredients will restore the pH balance of your skin, remove all traces of residue and closes your pores after cleansing. Now you're ready for the final step: moisturizing.

SilkSkin® Moisturizing Emollient — Hollywood's secret for soft and silky skin

SilkSkin® Moisturizing Emollient rehydrates your thirsty skin and protects it against the aging effects of our environment. A blend of 28 nourishing, synergistic ingredients, SilkSkin® gives your skin what it craves to stay looking youthful. Absolutely free of pore clogging mineral oil, Moisturizing Emollient is the first line of defense. Use it every night as part of your 3 minute routine, and during the day under your makeup to keep moisture locked in.

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SilkSkin® CleanserConditioning Cleanser

SilkSkin® Cleanser

Regular Size 6 fl oz


SilkSkin® Toner Restore perfect balance

SilkSkin® Toner

Regular Size 6 fl oz


SilkSkin® Moisturizing EmollientHollywood's secret for soft and silky skin

SilkSkin® Moisturizing Emollient

Regular Size 3.3 fl oz


SilkSkin® Moisturizing Emollient
Travel SizeHollywood's secret for soft and silky skin

SilkSkin® Moisturizing Emollient

Travel Size 1.5 fl oz